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Douglas Mizzi runs several busy clinics as a professional nutritionist & healthcare provider specialising in helping to identify and manage Intolerances, Sensitivities and Environmental Irritant's and associated health conditions. A current insured and certified member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) many assessments have been conducted under referral by medical doctors from as far south as Tasmania to Victoria and Queensland. As of February 2010 Douglas has partnered with long time and trusted and experiencd collegue Glyn Bennetts, to take over and expand the Melbourne clinics servicing 5 suburbs covering all major suburban localities. With expansion now occuring in Melbourne, Glyn  is following Douglas's strict  assessment and treatment protocols to continue the service which so many patients have come to know and trust over 20 years.

This has allowed Douglas to expand significantly into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast bringing with him a successful program for the overall assessment of intolerances, sensitivities  & treatment recovery protocols to our valued Queensland clientel.

Douglas services and conducts all testing and treatments personally in Queensland. Make sure you click onto our links to identify a Victorian or Queensland clinic close to you. Please be aware that there are very few clinic environments which specifically tend towards food and environment intolerance & sensitivity assessment and treatments as their main recovery program. Always make sure you deal with a practitioner or clinic that specialises in this area as their main modality to assure a confident result.

Servicing The Following Regions

Sunshine Coast (Queensland).
Call direct on 0433 121 736 to make an appointment or discuss if we can be of assistance to you. Of course there is no obligation and we are always happy to see if we can help you with our honest and experienced opinion.

Douglas Mizzi - Nutritionist P.Nutr, ATMS 8079.  QLD