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Helping You to Identify, Treat & Understand the triggers & symptoms of Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity. Helping you understand  and maintain the basis of good health for your long term recovery
through specialised assessment and managment recovery plans. - That's what we do.
*Please read our reference to legal terminology at the bottom of this page

So If YOU are Fed Up with not getting help about understanding your condition and their many possible triggers and are looking for answers to your symptoms THEN READ ON. It may change your Life..

Douglas Mizzi a qualified nutritionist and therapist has specialised in Food & Environmental sensitivity and intolerance  assessments for Women, Children & Men. Offering Customised Treatments Plans  to suit you based around the  managment and where possible elimination of triggers with a great clinic success rate a since 1990. No Needles, 100% Safe .

In conjunction with Glyn Bennetts who is experienced in helping assess food and environmental triggers,  now servicing Melbourne and Victoria,

& Peter Gilmour naturopath, servicing NSW South Coast Nowra to Sydney.

We offer a high level of experience  utilising correctly assessed dietary and environmental  assessment protocols which may help identify triggers for intolerances and sensitivities  through computerised identification techniques in conjunction with specialised immune support which may help you manage your  symptoms effectively and bring about a more normal response  to your condition without the use of drugs* & without the use of needles or blood taken.  Our identification protocols are safe, quick and suitable for all ages from 8 months onwards.

Servicing Medical Doctors and allied health care practitioners including naturopaths, nutritionists, psycologists, chiropractors etc.

No Referral Required, Offering individually tailored treatments to suit You and your symptoms. Contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your symptoms and condition to see if we can help - no obligation. Suitable for all ages.


In our years of experience the system protocols  that we use constantly corolate very closely to those  often asscociated with the "Elimination Diet" , an accurate protocol  standard used by many medical doctors and hospitals all over the world to help identify triggers associated with Intolerances and Sernsitivities, by eliminating all suspected triggers for several weeks - then systematically introducing these back in one or two at a time and noting for any adverse reactions *

Therfore the benefits of using our program are

  • Short waiting list for booking an appointment
  • Full patient & family history, background & lifestyle assessment taken
  • Assessment over 140 potential sensitivities and intolerance quickly & 100% safe without the use of needles or blood taken  utilising the  MSAS computerised assessment protocol
  • Assessment range includes fruits, vegetable, grains, food additives, dairy, meats, condiments, environmental and chemical triggers and candida.
  • High corrolation to the medically utilised, accurate "Elimination Diet" protocol (refer to double blind studies using this method)
  • Non invasive - no needles, painless
  • Suitable for all ages from 6 months (please speak to practitioner to confirm your case)
  • Immediate assesment results, detailed written report and recomendations  available at time of consultation
  • Professional eating and lifestyle plan included as part of initial consultation
  • Professional and customised immune enhancing protocols included as part of initial consultation
  • Patient recovery tracking available if required
  • Non-medical referral to GP's in your area (if available)  if required who undertake nutritional medicine
  • Highly experienced practitioners
  • Courteous, friendly and knowledgable practitioners.
  • Excellent & Substantial practitioner initiated recoveries noted in a large proportion of our clients.


Health Issues

Please note that although we specialise in WOMEN'S & CHILDREN'S HEALTH, we also deal with a large percentage of Male issues relating to sensitivities, intolerances and general wellbeing.

Since 1990 Douglas has personally treated thousands of clients of all ages for inflammatory, sensitivity and intolerance related symptom with great clinic sucess for symptoms such as those listed below.

Asthma, Hayfever, Eczema, Sinus,
Rashes, Hives, Psoriasis, Arthritis,
Conjunctivitis, Migraines, Headaches,
Hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, Bedwetting, Acne,
Weak Immunity, Infections, Tinea,
Candida, Jock-Itch, Thrush, Diarrhea, Constipation,
Burnout, Fatigue, Sugar/Bread Cravings,
Unstable Blood Sugars, Hypoglycemia,
Irritability, Mood swings, PMT, Poor-memory,
Lack of Concentration, Anxiety,

Auto immune conditions such as...

Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Systemic Lupus,
Polymyalgic Rheumatica,
Colds, Coughs, Infections,
Chronic Fatigue associated with Viral Triggers such as...
Epstein Bar Virus, Cytomegalovirus, Ross River Fever etc.

It is important to recocnise that succesful symptom managment does not mean a cure. In our experience  we feel that we have an acceptably high percentage of clients which experience succesful symptom  managment which they have expressed thanks and gratidude for. We are happy to continually work with these clients and feel that we have made a difference to the quality of their lives and as is so often the case  an either significant and in many cases a total remission of their symptoms. We are always happy to try and help new clients try to achive the results that we have experieced succesfully with previous patients. If you feel that you would like to try our program, especially if you feel that you may have come across either resistence or a lack of understanding or compasion relating to your symptom please feel free to call us. We are always happy to have a chat and see if we may have something to offer you.

Please note that our results are based around following our practitioners professional suggestions and recommendation relating to dietary and lifestyle changes identified through assessments made during a face to face consultation.


If you are suffering with many of these symptoms, then you really should consider an appointment, as they often indicate a more involved condition associated with the immune system and should not be treated just from a symptom only perspective.

Make sure that you click around the site to read about how our program works, our protocols, our referrals, our products and mission statements. These are very important points when creating a starting point for your recovery.

Go to our family health page here, where you can read more information  on how we cater to different members of the family, from womens health, children, teenages and men.

Click here for either a   Queensland Clinic,     Victorian clinic    or   NSW Clinic


So make the call &
Change YOUR Life Today..
















We Cannot and will not make any claim to curing allergies. Allergies cannot be cured - this is a fact. They are always present and if you misinterpret this fact the consequences of this may be significant and may impact the persons health to the point of hospitilisation with severe symptoms. In rare cases of extreme anaphalaxis death may occur. It is ALWAYS advisable to seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical doctor that has understanding and experience in this area and follow their advice at all times

Although we are able to help you assess the likely hood of triggers associated with intolerances and sensitivities, only medical doctors can identify allergies.

N.b. The term allergies in general cannot be used in any context other than that relating to a histamine mediated triggered response. The term allergy testing cannot be used unless you are measuring these IgE triggers and reactions usually through a blood test and skin prick testing. We do not test blood  or utilise skin prick testing. We use a computer identification process to measure variances in skin resistsnce which offers results which may corrolates closely to what is regarded as an Intolerance or Sensitivity. Any result obtained either through computerised assessment and  or  history and dietary managment  techniques, should be shared with your doctor to ensure that you obtain the best possible care at every level.

Please Note Once again only a medical allergy specialist can test through blood assessmennts for what is medically referred to as an allergy.

* It is important that you do not give up any medically prescribed drug whilst partaking in our program, only a suitably qualified medical practition can advise you to give up any prescribed drug. We will not ask you to do this, and if you ask us for an opinion we will refer you back to your qualified medical practitioner.

If you feel that your symptoms are persisting again please consult your suitably qualified medical doctor for initial advice. We are happy to work in conjunction with you and the choices that you make, however for legal and insurance reasons we cannot and will not advise you in the ceasing or adjustment of any medically prescribed medication.

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