Remote Food Intolerance Assessment with Zoom

So What is a Zoom Food Intolerance Assessment Video Consult?

in 2020 we added a new service to our clinic so that patients who could not visit us in person could still be helped on their journey in identifying accurately their food intolerances and potential allergy triggers. This was the creation of our Food Intolerance Assessment over Zoom

We wanted to create an experience that matched our in-clinic consultation as closely as possible. So we copied every aspect in detail. It was important to use Zoom as we really wanted that face to face person view, we would certainly not have been happy with an online questionnaire. 

The complete consultation follows the exact procedure of the in-clinic consult and includes

  • Detailed assessment of patients details, clinical symptom, family and personal history
  • Full in-depth Food Intolerance Assessment (in place of actual test) 
  • Full explanation of findings based on assessment
  • Creation of recovery plan including customised dietary recommendation based on assessment
  • Supplementation and follow up plan as required

So how can an assessment be as good as a test ?

With 30 years experience and over 60,000 patient consultations in the field of food intolerance testing and recovery plans we have noticed some interesting observations that have been confirmed 1000's of times. Certain types of symptoms are initiated by the same types of triggers in nearly all cases. This means that we have built up an experience or database of what triggers are actually going to likely cause what symptoms. This is not something that has been taught from a book but hard earned in a clinical environment from observing tens of thousands of patients from toddlers to mature older adults.

It is with this experience that we can offer a Food Intolerance Assessment as an accurate alternative to the Food Intolerance Tests that we conducted for years and still be of great assistance to our valued clients both locally and now, from around Australia .  

What are the benefits of a Food Intolerance Assessment compared to an In-Clinic Food Intolerance Test ?

  • Convenient - consult with us from your home or workplace at a specific time - no wasted time travelling or finding a park spot
  • The complete experience is well structured as if you were actually in clinic
  • We video & audio record the complete consultation and will send this to you, no more forgetting or taking notes.
  • We create and construct professional PDF's that explain everything right in front of you
  • You will receive a complete PDF pack of everything seen on screen to your email
  • Ideal for clients unable to attend clinic due to distance, health or other factors.
  • Ideal for clients interstate and across Australia from the big city to the outback

As you can see booking a Food Intolerance Assessment over Zoom is the perfect solution for busy people, people far from our clinics or just someone who wants the convenience of an accurate assessment that's been video recorded for viewing again at a later date and remember the accuracy is virtually as good as the test in person. 


I don't have Zoom ?
That's easy we will send you a confirmation email that will have a free link to download Zoom onto your computer or smart device like iPad or mobile phone. then just follow the link at your designated Zoom appointment time.

What is the Cost ?
The cost is $140 for the Full Assessment and consultation which can last around 1 hour 20 minutes 

So how do I book in ?
Booking in is easy, simply drop us a message at the bottom of this or any page on our website, we will get back to you and book in the consultation  where we will take payment in advance to secure your Zoom appointment slot and remember to leave a phone number that we can reach you on easily. 

So thank you for taking the time to investigate this and we look forward to speaking and helping you back to improved health really soon. 

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Why Sensitive Foods?

We are experts in helping identify potential Food intolerance and triggers that can contribute to ongoing health issues. But more importantly than just identifying potential triggering events we are experts in helping de-mystify the jigsaw puzzle that helped create these conditions in the first place with detailed personal and family history analysis. We always strive to find out why your problem developed - not just fix the end symptoms.

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